Top 6 Tips for Studying Leaving Cert Physics:

  1. Make your own notes - start by reading through a chapter, as you do this highlight the parts that you think are most important (don't go overboard!)

  2. When finished this then write these notes into a study copy, be neat so it is easy to read back over them later.

  3. If you prefer you can make a spider diagram or mind map using the parts highlighted earlier.

  4. Learn your experiments - there are 25 mandatory experiments on the course, 4 of which are asked in Section A on the exam. You can also be asked about experiments in Section B.

  5. Videos, like those on this website, are a great way to revise your mandatory experiments. Watch them a few times and take notes as you do so. Practice the graphs and calculations for each experiment.

  6. Past exam papers should be used as you come towards the mocks and Leaving Cert. StudyClix is a great website where you can choose exam questions by topic which allows you to study each topic while remaining exam focused. You can also choose exam questions based on the mandatory experiments.

Leaving Cert Physics Revision Topics

Technology Class
Boy with DIY Robot

List of Physics Definitions

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