Junior Cert Science Experiment Videos

Biology expeiment videos for junior cert scienc biological world
Physics experiment videos for junior cert scienc physical world
Chemistry expeiment videos for junior cert science chemical world
Junior cycle science earth and space videos
  1. Make your own notes - start by reading through a chapter, as you do this highlight the parts that you think are most important (don't go overboard!)

  2. When finished this then write these notes into a study copy, be neat so it is easy to read back over them later.

  3. If you prefer you can make a spider diagram or mind map using the parts highlighted earlier.

  4. Learn your experiments - there are no mandatory experiments on the new course however you can and will be asked about experiments.

  5. Videos, like those on this website, are a great way to revise your experiments. Watch them a few times and take notes as you do so. 

  6. Past exam papers should be used as you come towards the mocks and Junior Cert. StudyClix is a great website where you can choose exam questions by topic which allows you to study each topic while remaining exam focused.